KUYING Tournament 5'9'' 1.77m 7'2'' 2.16m 1.5 Sections Super Hard XH Carbon Casting Fishing Rod Medium Fast Action Fish Pole For Snakehead Pike

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样式: TGC59XH




TGC59XH; Casting;1.77m, XH super hard; Medium fast action

Lure:1/4-2oz(7-56g) ;   Line: 14-30lb; 1.5 sections

TGC72XH, Casting;2.16m  , XH super hard, Medium fast action

Lure:1/4-2oz(7-56g)  ; Line:14-30lb;  1.5 sections


tips:SUL=Super Ultra light;  UL= Ultra light;  L=light;

ML=Middle light; M=Middle;  MH=Middle hard; H=Hard; XH=Super hard


Chinese reel seats have been updated to FUJI Brand reel seats