KUYING Conqueror 1.95m 1.98m 2m 2.05m Fast Action Carbon Lure Casting Spinning Fishing Rod Fish Pole BASS Master Hard Soft

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样式: CQC65L-bf



Kuying Conqueror series are for bass master with Professional level.
Original FUJI rings,FUJI reel seat, 3D-Toray Carbon technology make Conqueror be strong.
CQC66M has been changed to be CQC66ME,
CQC67MH has been changed to be CQC67MHE,
They are almost same except the micro-rings changed to be normal size rings.

 CQC65L/bf (micro guide);Casting,1.95m,

Light value,1 section; 6'5'' Lure:1/16-1/4oz(1.75-7g)  Line:4-12lb

CQC66M(CQC66ME); Casting, 1.98m,

middle value, 1 section;6'6''  Lure:1/4-3/4oz(7-21g)  Line:10-16lb

 CQC67MH(CQC67MHE); Casting, 2.0m,

mid-hard value, 1 section; 6'7'' Lure:1/4-1oz(7-28g) Line:12-20lb

CQC68ML/bf(bf=micro guide ring). Casting, 2.05m,

mid-light value, 1 section; 6'8'' Lure:1/8-3/8oz(3.5-10.5g) Line:5-14lb

CQS68ML Spinning 2.05m

Mid-light value, 1 section; 6'8" Lure:1/8-3/8oz(3.5-10.5g) Line:5-14lb

CQC610H: Casting model, 2.05m

length(6'10"),3/8-3oz lure; 14-30LB line,1 Section; Hard value