KUYING BLUEDANCER 2.04m Casting Slow Jigging Lure Rod Fishing Rods Cane Carbon FUJI Rotate Helical Ring 1 Section 150-400g Lures

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大小: BDCA-SJ68-1


Blue Dancer Rod is professional for slow jigging with 1 single section and rotating Helical FUJI rings.


BDCA-SJ68/1  2.04m/ Casting/ Single Section

length:6'8''  Jig Max:150g PE:1  Test: 8kg ;Medium  Action;11 Rings

BDCA-SJ68/2   2.04m/ Casting / Single Section

length:6'8''  Jig Max:220g PE:2  Test: 10kg; Medium Action; 11 rings

BDCA-SJ68/3   2.04m/ Casting / Single Section

length:6'8''  Jig Max:300g PE:3  Test: 12kg; Medium Action; 11 rings

BDCA-SJ68/4  2.04m/ Casting / Single section

length:6'8"   Jig Max: 400g PE: 4   Test :15kg; Medium Action; 11 rings


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