About US

About Us

Who We Are

Fishing71.com is a cross-border e-commerce store for offering fishing rod, fishing reel, fishing tracks, fishing line, accessories etc. throughout the wholeworld. At fishing71.com, we provide all kinds of 100% authentic KUYING gadgets that are backed up with a full manufacturers warranty.


Our Mission

Connecting the latest EASY LIFE  way to your life in the most trustworthy and profitable way.


Why buy from fishing71.com?

Informative Product Listings

At fishing71.com, not only are the product details displayed on the page, but also other alternative videos, blog posts and more are available to minimize your questions about fishing products.

Reasonable Price Guarantee

FISHING 71 supplies great fishing products at unbeatable prices with free shipping. Since we are limited to selling online so we can keep the prices rock bottom. 


Our Core Strengths

Free shipping

Customer Service: 24/7

Flexible Payment Options

100% Money-back Guarantee

Secured Checkout

Free Products Support from Official KUYING Team


How to Contact Us?

Email: servicefishing71@gmail.com

Website: https://fishing71.com/